Environmental Services

Onsite sewage program consists of regulating sizing, maintenance, and repair of private and commercial septic systems.

Education and information are provided to achieve compliance and decrease the need for enforcement action.

Rabies control includes investigation and quarantine of all animal bites. The environmental department inspects and investigates complaints in Carter

Carter County Health Department Environmental Services

Our local health department’s environmental services program is a combination of services with the objective of a safe and sanitary environment for the people it serves.

The environmental team here at the Carter County Health Department conducts surveillance/inspections on locally regulated establishments such as restaurants and schools to identify potential environmental risk factors associated with infectious disease and safety. This helps to ensure compliance with public health laws, regulations and standards.

Click here for Water Emergency Guidelines for Food Establishments

To report an animal bite to the Carter County Health Department within 12 hours in accordance with KRS 258:065, please call 606-474-6685 ext. 034

To report and animal bite to the Carter County Health Department after hours, fax the report to:

Attn:  Environmental Services Department  at 606-474-0256 or call the next working day.



Bed Bugs:

Bed Bugs have made a resurgence throughout the United States.  Bed Bug infestations have been found in hotels, nursing homes, public housing, apartment complexes, moving vans, jails, dormitories and other multi-unit living facilities as well as in single-family homes.  You can learn more about detection, treatment and prevention here.

Food Safety & Handling:

The Food Safety Branch protects consumers for the sale of adulterated, misbranded and falsely labeled food and food products.

Temporary Food Operations

Anyone operating as a temporary food vendor must have a permit to operate and must apply prior to the planned temporary event. Foods may be prepared and served at gatherings or events such as fairs, festivals, etc. Food items and methods of preparation may be restricted during these temporary events. All temporary food vendors must have a permit from the local health department prior to opening operations. Permits are valid if the establishment complies with regulations for up to 14 days at one location. Permit fees depend on the number of days permit applicants plan to operate at the designated location and are broken down as follows:

1-3 days……..$60.00

4-7 days……..$90.00

8-14 days…..$125.00

For more information and permit applications, please contact your local county health department.

Click to view Temporary Food Service Set-up Guidelines.

Food Certifications

All commercial food establishments are now required according to FDA Food Code 2013 (see section in box below) which is effective as of July 1, 2019 to have a Certified Food Manager on site at all times that food is being prepared.

A certified food manager is a person who has passed a food manager’s test and been awarded a certificate. The Carter County Health Department has partnered with the State Food Safety company to offer a food managers course online. This course can be accessed here.

You can also opt to have your employees complete a food handlers course with this company. Food handler certification is not a requirement at this time, but if interested, this training can be accessed here.

Environmental Services Price List

Pay by cash or check only


Site Evaluation Application (Perk Test)–$200.00

Permit to Install Septic System–$200.00

Existing Septic System Inspection–$200.00

Septic System Repair Permit–$200.00

Septic System Dye Test–$200.00


Henry Sturgill, Environmentalist

606-474-5109 ext. 034



Jeff Barker, Director/Environmentalist

606-474-6685 ext. 035



State Plumbing Inspectors Contact Information:

State Plumbing Inspector:                                     State Plumbing Inspector Supervisor:

Lloyd Martin                                                        Dewain Woolum

502-229-3448                                                     606-585-5579

Lloyd.martin@ky.gov                                            glenn.woolum@ky.gov


For more information visit:  www.dhbc.ky.gov

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